Verifying the single-sign-on configuration

After you have logged in to a Security Fabric member using SSO, you can navigate between any Security Fabric member with SSO configured.

To navigate between Security Fabric members:
  1. Log in to a Security Fabric member that is using SSO.
  2. In the top banner, click the name of the device you are logged in to. A list of Security Fabric members displays.

  3. Click a Security Fabric member. The login page appears. Click Sign in with Security Fabric.

  4. A prompt appears that an SSO administrator account has been created. Click Continue.

    You are now logged in to the Security Fabric member with SSO. The letters "SSO" also display beside the user name in the top banner.

  5. Go to System > Administrators > Single-Sign-On Administrator to view the list of SSO admins created.