Explicit proxy and FortiSandbox Cloud

Explicit proxy connections can leverage FortiSandbox Cloud for advanced threat scanning and updates. This allows FortiGates behind isolated networks to connect to FortiCloud services.

To configure FortiGuard services to communicate with an explicit proxy server:
config system fortiguard
    set proxy-server-ip
    set proxy-server-port 3128
    set proxy-username "test1"
    set proxy-password *********
To verify the explicit proxy connection to FortiSandbox Cloud:
# diagnose debug application forticldd -1
Debug messages will be on for 30 minutes.
# diagnose debug enable
[2942] fds_handle_request: Received cmd 23 from pid-2526, len 0
[40] fds_queue_task: req-23 is added to Cloud-sandbox-controller
[178] fds_svr_default_task_xmit: try to get IPs for Cloud-sandbox-controller
[239] fds_resolv_addr: resolve aptctrl1.fortinet.com
[169] fds_get_addr: name=aptctrl1.fortinet.com, id=32, cb=0x2bc089
[101] dns_parse_resp: DNS aptctrl1.fortinet.com ->
[227] fds_resolv_cb: IP-1:
[665] fds_ctx_set_addr: server:
[129] fds_svr_default_pickup_server: Cloud-sandbox-controller:
[587] fds_https_start_server: server:
[579] ssl_new: SSL object is created
[117] https_create: proxy server port:3128
[519] fds_https_connect: https_connect( is established.
[261] fds_svr_default_on_established: Cloud-sandbox-controller has connected to ip=
[268] fds_svr_default_on_established: server-Cloud-sandbox-controller handles cmd-23
[102] fds_pack_objects: number of objects: 1
[75] fds_print_msg: FCPC: len=109
[81] fds_print_msg: Protocol=2.0
[81] fds_print_msg: Command=RegionList
[81] fds_print_msg: Firmware=FG101E-FW-6.02-0917
[81] fds_print_msg: SerialNumber=FG101E4Q17002429
[81] fds_print_msg: TimeZone=-7
[75] fds_print_msg: http req: len=248
[81] fds_print_msg: POST HTTP/1.1
[81] fds_print_msg: User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)
[81] fds_print_msg: Host:
[81] fds_print_msg: Cache-Control: no-cache
[81] fds_print_msg: Connection: close
[81] fds_print_msg: Content-Type: application/octet-stream
[81] fds_print_msg: Content-Length: 301
[524] fds_https_connect: http request to header=248, ext=301.
[257] fds_https_send: sent 248 bytes: pos=0, len=248
[265] fds_https_send: sent 248 byte header, now send 301-byte body
[257] fds_https_send: sent 301 bytes: pos=0, len=301
[273] fds_https_send: sent the entire request to server:
[309] fds_https_recv: read 413 bytes: pos=413, buf_len=2048
[332] fds_https_recv: received the header from server:, [HTTP/1.1 200
Content-Type: application/octet-stream