MSTI Support

In 6.0, the switch controller maps all user VLANs into the MSTI-CST (common spanning tree) instance 0. While reserving MSTI-0 (CST) and MSTI-15 for FortiLink management VLAN=4094. In 6.2, the administrator can control MSTI 1-14.

Each instance is a full and complete spanning tree. Any user VLAN may be mapped to any instance, allowing the spanning trees to have different topologies for each MSTI. Each instance allows the setting of various parameters such as cost and priority.

You must configure this feature by using the CLI.

To configure MSTI support:
  1. Create or modify stp-instance between 1 to 14:
    (root) # conf switch-controller stp-instance 
    (stp-instance) # edit 15
    please enter a value of 1 to 14.
    (stp-instance) # edit 1       ----> created stp instances will be applied to all managed fsws
    new entry '1' added 
    (1) # set vlan-range 
    *vlan-name    VLAN name.
    cam.aggr1       interface
    snf.aggr1       interface
    tenant-vlan3    interface
    tenant-vlan4    interface
    voi.aggr1       interface
    vsw.aggr1       interface
    (1) # set vlan-range tenant-vlan3 vsw.aggr1 
    (1) # end
  2. Configure specific stp priority on different managed FortiSwitch units:
     (root) # conf switch-controller  managed-switch 
    	(managed-switch) # edit S248EPTF1800XXXX
    	(S248EPTF1800XXXX) # conf stp-instance 
    	(stp-instance) # edit 1
    	# get
    	id                  : 1
    	priority            : 32768     ------> Default priority
    	(1) # set priority  8192
    (1) # end