View and search settings

The fields listed in the table below are displayed in columns on the Adapter View based on the selections you make in the Settings window. These fields are also used in custom filters to search for adapters. See Quick search. Additional fields that can be displayed on the Adapter View are fields for the user or the host associated with the selected adapter.




Access Value

Name or number of the network access identifier given to this adapter based on the state of the host and the device to which the adapter is connected, such as VLAN ID, VLAN Name or Aruba Role.


Free form notes entered by the Administrator about this adapter.

IP address

The primary IP address assigned to this adapter that is used to communicate with FortiNAC. If the adapter is offline, this is the last known IP address for the adapter. Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

All IPs

All IP addresses assigned to the adapter. Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

  • For IPv6, all addresses used for IPv6 communication will be displayed.
  • For IPv4, IP addresses used for registration, remediation, isolation, etc., will be displayed along with the production IP until a L3 poll determines the single IP being used.
  • Depending on the ARP cache aging of the L3 device itself and the poll interval that FortiNAC polls it, multiple production IP addresses may be displayed simultaneously for an adapter.


Name of the switch and port where this adapter is connected to the network. If the adapter is offline, this is the last known location where the adapter connected to the network.

Media Type

Indicates whether this is a wired or wireless adapter.

Physical Address

MAC address of the adapter.


Current or last known status is indicated by an icon, see Icons. Hover over the icon to display additional details about this adapter in a tool tip.

  • Connected: Indicates whether host is online or offline.
  • Access: Indicates whether host is enabled or disabled.
  • Valid Physical Address: Indicates whether or not the system knows the MAC address for the adapter that has connected to the network.

Vendor Name

Name of the vendor that matches the vendor OUI for this device.