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CLI Reference

system snmp community

Use this command to configure simple network management protocol (SNMP) v1/2 settings.

These commands apply only if the SNMP agent is enabled. For details, see status {enable | disable}.


config system snmp community

edit <index_int>

config host

edit <index_int>

set ip <address_ipv4>

set name <name_str>

set queryportv1 <port_int>

set queryportv2c <port_int>

set queryv1-status {enable | disable}

set queryv2c-status {enable | disable}

set status {enable | disable}

set trapevent {cpu | deferred-queue | ha | ip-change | logdisk | maildisk | mem | raid | remote-storage | spam | system | virus}

set trapportv1_local <port_int>

set trapportv1_remote <port_int>

set trapportv2c_local <port_int>

set trapportv2c_remote <port_int>

set trapv1_status {enable | disable}

set trapv2c_status {enable | disable}


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