hardware logdisk info

Use this command to display the capacity, partitions, mount status, and RAID level (if any) of the hard disk FortiWeb uses to store logs and other data. For FortiWeb-VM, information for virtual hardware (the vDisk) is displayed.

To use this command, your administrator account’s access control profile must have at least r permission to the sysgrp area. For details, see Permissions.


diagnose hardware logdisk info


This example shows normal output for a FortiWeb-VM installation: there is no RAID, and it has been allocated a 40 GB vDisk. If the disk were mounted as read-only, this would indicate that the disk had failed to mount normally, and would be the cause if no new log messages were being recorded.

diagnose hardware logdisk info

The CLI displays output that is similar to the following:

disk number: 1

disk[0] size: 31.46GB

raid level: no raid exists

partition number: 1

mount status: read-write

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