GTPv0/v1 MBMS messages

Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Services (MBMS) have recently begun to be offered over GSM and UMTS networks on UTRAN and GERAN radio access technologies. MBMS is mainly used for mobile TV, using up to four GSM timeslots for one MBMS connection. One MBMS packet flow is replicated by GGSN, SGSN and RNCs.

MBMS is split into the MBMS Bearer Service and the MBMS User Service. The MBMS User Service is basically the MBMS Service Layer and offers a Streaming- and a Download Delivery Method. The Streaming Delivery method can be used for continuous transmissions like Mobile TV services. The Download Method is intended for "Download and Play" services.

Message Type Used By Description
MBMS Notification Request (96) MBMS Notification Response (97)
MBMS Notification Reject Request (98)
MBMS Notification Reject Response (99)
GTP-C Notification of the radio access devices.
Create MBMS Context Request (100)
Create MBMS Context Response (101)
GTP-C Request to create an active MBMS context. The context will be pending until the response is received.

Once active, the MBMS context allows the MS to receive data from a specific MBMS source
Update MBMS Context Request (102)
Update MBMS Context Response (103)
Delete MBMS Context Request (104)
Delete MBMS Context Response (105)
GTP-C Request to deactivate the MBMS context. When the response is received, the MBMS context will be inactive.