Feature Select

In Feature Select, you can choose which features to show and hide in EMS. Only features that are enabled in Feature Select are available for configuration in other areas of EMS. For example, disabling Web Filter in Feature Select results in the following:

  • Endpoint profiles:
    • The Web Filter tab is not available for configuration.
    • The option to enable Web Filter logs on the System Settings tab is not available.
  • If you enable Web Filter in a deployment package, the deployment package installs Web Filter on the endpoint. However, the Web Filter feature is disabled on the endpoint and does not appear in the FortiClient GUI.
  • The Web Filter Detection widget is not available on the Status dashboard.
  • Importing a profile from FortiGate/FortiManager is not available.

Only an EMS superadministrator can enable and disable features in Feature Select. Other EMS users can view which features are enabled and disabled on the Feature Select page, but cannot modify the configuration.

If an endpoint previously had a feature enabled, but you later disable the feature in Feature Select, EMS then disables the feature on the endpoint.

The following table provides details on features that you must enable for certain functionalities to be available in FortiClient. You must enable the feature in Feature Select, then configure on the applicable endpoint profile for the functionality to be available in FortiClient. Note that this table is not exhaustive:

Feature to enable in Feature Select

FortiClient functionalities

Application Firewall

  • C&C blocking
  • Endpoint quarantine

Web Filter

  • Category-based malicious site blocking
  • Keyword blocking (also requires web browser plugin)

Only features that FortiClient EMS is licensed for are available for enablement in Feature Select. For example, if you have only applied the ZTNA license, you cannot enable Application Firewall. See Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoint licenses for details on which features each license type includes.

You cannot disable Web Filter if you have enabled the Chromebook feature in Feature Select.

To enable/disable a feature in Feature Select:
  1. Go to System Settings > Feature Select.
  2. Enable or disable features as desired. This example disables Web Filter.

  3. Click Save. The Web Filter tab is not available for configuration in an endpoint profile. The Import from FortiGate/FortiManager option under Endpoint Profiles in the left pane is also not available.

    When creating a deployment package, a warning displays beside Web Filtering that the feature is disabled. You cannot create a deployment package that installs the Web Filter feature on endpoints while Web Filter is disabled in Feature Select.

    In Dashboard > Status, when you click Manage Widgets, the Web Filter Detection widget is not available under Top 3 Lists.