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Maximum Values Table

The values in this table are the hard-coded maximum values. As such, they may not be practical limits for every situation and are not a promise of performance.


All objects in the maximum values table have either a global limit, which applies to the entire FortiGate configuration, or a VDOM limit, which applies only to a single VDOM. For objects that have only a VDOM limit, the global limit is the VDOM limit multiplied by the number of VDOMs for that unit. For example, the FortiGate 100D can have 10 VDOMs and has a VDOM limit of 256 DHCP servers. This means that the global limit is 2560.

By default, most FortiGate models support a maximum of 10 VDOMs in any combination of NAT/Route and Transparent operating modes. For FortiGate models 1000D and higher, a license key can be purchased to increase the maximum number.

If you wish to find out the complete maximum values for your FortiGate unit, use the following CLI command: print tablesize