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Performance Tuning

Configuring the NP7 Hyperscale firewall

Learn different ways to utilize the features of the NP7 Hyperscale firewall

Getting Started with Hyperscale Firewall features

Creating hyperscale firewall VDOMs

Configuring hardware accelerated Carrier Grade NAT

Applying Hardware logging

Configuring HA hardware session synchronization

Diagnosing the Hyperscale firewall

Performance Optimization - NP7

Learn different ways to tune your NP7 Network Processor to optimize performance

General NP7 Optimization

Increasing NP7 offloading capacity using link aggregation groups (LAGs)

Configuring inter-VDOM link acceleration with NP7 processors

NP7 traffic shaping

DoS policy hardware acceleration

Protect the FortiGate CPU with the NP7 Host Protection Engine (HPE)

Troubleshooting Hardware Acceleration


Learn various ways to monitor your traffic flow and whether they are offloaded.

NP7, NP6, NP6XLite and NP6Lite traffic logging and monitoring


Learn ways to troubleshoot when traffic doesn't appear to flow as expected

Checking that traffic is offloaded by NP processors

NP7 diagnostic commands

Hardware Architecture

NP/CP/SOC based Hardware Acceleration

Learn about the benefits of NP chips, CP chips and SOC based chipset in accelerating traffic

Intro to NP7, NP6, NP6XLite, NP6Lite and NP4

NP7 acceleration

Protocols that can be offloaded by NP7 processors

FortiGate models with NP7 processors

Fastpath and Packet Flow through the Network Processor

Intro to Content Processors

CP9 Capabilities

N-Turbo and IPSA Acceleration

Learn how N-Turbo and IPSA combines the power of NP and CP to provide accelerate IPS processing

NTurbo offloads flow-based processing

IPSA offloads flow-based advanced pattern matching