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Fabric Setup

Quick Start

This section outlines the basic Fabric configurations to get started.

Fortinet On-Prem Connectors

This section highlights various On-prem Fortinet products that can be connected to the Fabric

Fortinet Cloud Connectors

This section highlights Fortinet Cloud based products and services that can be connected to the Fabric

SAML Authentication

Using the Fabric root FortiGate as Identity Provider (IdP), downstream devices can be configured as Service Providers for easy access between Fabric devices

Navigation, Topology and Views

Security Fabric enhances the way you use your Fortinet devices by allowing you to easily navigate between devices and consolidating device info within different views and dashboards

Fabric Agent

FortiClient Endpoint and EMS

Telemetry and Compliance data shared between FortiGate and FortiClient EMS help enhance endpoint visibility, compliance control, vulnerability scanning, and automated response

Automation & Security Rating

3rd Party Automation

Fortinet works with various 3rd party providers to deliver ways to automate our solutions. You can find the resources in the following locations

Integrated Solutions

Endpoint/Identity Connectors

FortiOS synchronizes with different systems to manage Identities of endpoint