Why sometimes fail to upload files to the server when file security is enabled?

Check if 'Hold Session While Scanning File' is enabled first. When it is enabled, FortiWeb will upload files to FortiSandbox and wait for scan results before sending the file to the server. This process may take some time, please check if the server will disconnect while waiting.

Why does file security not work?

FortiWeb parses files up to 5M by default, and if it exceeds 5M, the requests will be bypassed.

If you want to increase this value, please configure it as below.

config system antivirus

set uncomp-size-limit 102400


Why does the server receive packets from the client even if parameter validation deny is triggered?

When a HTTP request is divided into multiple TCP packets, before the packet which includes the denied parameter appears, the previous TCP packets will still be transmitted to the server.