ha manage

Use this command to log in to another appliance in the HA group via the HA link. In most cases, you log into a standby appliance (also called the secondary, or slave) from the main (primary or master) appliance, but you can also use a standby appliance to access the main appliance.

To use this command, your administrator account’s access control profile must have either w or rw permission to the sysgrp area. For details, see Permissions.


execute ha manage <cluster-index>

Variable Description Default


Enter an index value that the FortiWeb HA feature assigns to a cluster member based on its serial number.

The cluster member with the highest serial number has a cluster index of 0, the one with the second-highest serial number has a cluster index of 1, and so on.

To display the index numbers of the cluster members, enter:

execute ha manage ?

No default.


In this example, you are logged in to the main appliance.

execute ha manage ?

<id> please input peer box index.

<2> Subsidary unit FV-1KD3A12345678

<3> Subsidary unit FV-1KD3A11345678

The cluster index and serial number of the appliance you are currently logged in to is not displayed.

Enter 3 to connect to the standby appliance with serial number FV-1KD3A11345678. The CLI prompt changes to the host name of this unit and the login prompt is displayed.

To return to the primary unit, enter exit.

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