CLI Reference (PDF)

This document describes how to use the command line interface (CLI) of the FortiWeb appliance. It assumes that you have already successfully installed the FortiWeb appliance and completed basic setup by following the instructions in the FortiWeb Administration Guide. At this stage: You have administrative access to the web UI and/or CLI. The FortiWeb appliance is integrated into your network. You have completed firmware updates, if applicable. The system time, DNS settings, administrator password, and network interfaces are configured. You have set the operation mode. You have configured basic logging. You have created at least one server policy. You have completed at least one phase of auto-learning to jump-start your configuration. Once that basic installation is complete, you can use this document. This document explains how to use the CLI to: Update the FortiWeb appliance. Reconfigure features. Use advanced features, such as XML protection and reporting. Diagnose problems. This document does not cover the web UI nor first-time setup. For that information, see the FortiWeb Administration Guide.