Configuring an outbound dialplan for emergency calls

Configure an outbound dialplan to set up how to route emergency calls.

Before you begin

Configure one or more trunks that you want a 911 call to use:

  1. Go to Trunk > VoIP > SIP.
  2. Update the fields. If you needs more details, see the Setting up VoIP trunks section in the FortiVoice Phone System Administration Guide.

Procedure steps

  1. Go to Call Routing > Outbound > Outbound.

    There is a default emergency dial plan available. This dialplan ensures that the FortiVoice unit bypasses privilege checks and grants the highest priority to all emergency calls.

  2. To edit the emergency dial plan, double-click the emergency row.

  3. Make sure that Emergency Call is enabled.
  4. Leave Caller ID Match and Dialed Number Match unchanged, as you do not want to impose any kind of restrictions to who can make an emergency call.
  5. Under Call Handling, click New.
  6. You can select and schedule the type of trunk that you want a 911 call to use. To assist you with the call handling configuration, here are two examples (using pri1 and line1 trunks):
    1. Example 1: Create two call handling schedules. During business hours, set the dialplan to use the pri1 trunk and off-business hours, use the line1 trunk.

    2. Example 2: Create two call handling schedules. Both pri1 and line1 trunks can be used anytime. If for some reason, the pri1 trunk is unavailable, then the 911 call can use the line1 trunk.