Cisco Contact Center

What is Discovered and Monitored

Protocol Information discovered Metrics collected Used for
SNMP Application type System metrics: CPU utilization, Memory utilization, Disk utilization, Interface utilization, Hardware Status, Process count, Process level CPU and memory utilization, Install software change Performance Monitoring
SSH Disk I/O monitoring

Event Types

There are no event types defined specifically for this device.


In RESOURCES > Rules, search for "cisco contact center" in the main content panel Search... field to see the rules associated with this device.



FortiSIEM uses SNMP to discover and monitor this device. Make sure SNMP is enabled for the device as directed in its product documentation. For more information, refer to sections "Discovery Settings" and "Setting Credentials" in the User Guide.

Setting Access Credentials

See Access Credentials to set access and protocol for SMTP, SSH, and Telnet.