Firmware templates

Firmware templates define what firmware version should be installed on FortiGates and all access devices, such as FortiAP, FortiSwitch, and FortiExtender. You can assign the templates to one or more devices.

After the template is assigned to a device, the device is required to have the specified version installed. You can use the Firmware Template column on the Device Manager > Device & Groups pane to view the status of the device with the firmware version specified in the assigned template.

The template can include a schedule to automatically start the firmware upgrades, or you can manually initiate firmware upgrades.

Following is an overview of how to use firmware templates:

  1. Create a firmware template for one or more products. See Creating firmware templates.
  2. Assign the firmware template to one or more devices. See Assigning firmware templates to devices .

    Firmware templates with a schedule will automatically start the firmware upgrades on assigned devices at the scheduled day and time.

    For firmware templates without a schedule, you can manually initiate the firmware upgrades on assigned devices when you are ready. See Upgrading devices now.

  3. Preview the upgrade. See Previewing upgrades.
  4. View upgrade history. See Reviewing upgrade history.
  5. Monitor device adherence to the firmware template by using the Firmware Template column on the Device Manager > Device & Groups pane in Table View.

You can also edit and delete firmware templates. See Editing firmware templates and Deleting firmware templates.


FortiGate devices must have a valid Firmware & General Updates (FMWR) contract in order for firmware updates to be performed through FortiManager. This applies to firmware images from FortiGuard and images that are manually uploaded to FortiManager.

When a FortiGate device is added to the FortiManager, a 24 hour grace period is provided in which firmware updates can be applied without a license to allow time for the FMWR contract information to synchronize from FortiCare. FortiManager expects the managed device to be on the same FortiCloud account, or have the device serial number added in FortiGuard's auth list.