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This document provides upgrade instructions and information about open issues and caveats in FortiBridge Release v4.1.x This guide covers all FortiBridge 3000-series models: FBG-3002S (short-range) and FBG-3002L (long-range) - provides two 1G/10G network segments . FBG-3004S (short-range) and FBG-3004L (long-range) - provides four 1G/10G network segments. FBG-3041S (short-range) - provides one 40G network segment. The 2000-series models (FBG-2001, FBG-2001F, FBG-2002, FBG-2002F, and FBG-2002X) are only supported on software version 3.1 and earlier.

Last updated Jan. 21, 2019
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