Creating custom views

To create a custom view:
  1. Go to Incidents & Events.
  2. Select an existing view to copy.
  3. Select Add Filters to add any additional filters you want to include in the custom view.
  4. Select the custom view icon on the top-right side of the toolbar.
  5. Enter a name for the custom view and assign it to one of the following categories:
    • By Endpoint
    • By Threat
    • System Events
    • Custom View

  6. Select OK to save the view.
    Once the custom view is created, you can modify it further by removing or adding filters. Modifications can be saved by selecting the custom view icon and choosing Save or Save As to save the changes as a new view.

    When upgrading from versions prior to 6.2.0, existing custom views will be placed in the Custom Views category.