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Fortinet Communication Ports and Protocols

Aug 24, 2018 88 12593

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This document contains a series of diagrams and tables showing the open ports used for communication between various products including FortiGate, FortiAnalyzer, FortiAP-S, FortiAuthenticator, FortiClient, FortiCloud, FortiDB, FortiGuard, FortiMail, FortiManager, FortiPortal, FortiSandbox, and 3rd-party servers using FSSO. Fortinet's proprietary protocols are also included, showing what products they interact with, how they behave, and how they carry out their roles, including: • FortiGate Clustering Protocol • FortiGate Session Life Support Protocol • FortiGate to FortiManager Protocol • Session Life Balancing Protocol • Security Fabric • FortiTelemetry • FortiGuard • FortiLink • WAN optimization • Fortinet Single Sign-On • Optimized Fabric Transfer Protocol • FortiClient Enterprise Management Server



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